Located in the heart of Wilmington’s historic downtown, Platypus & Gnome has been a local fixture since 2016. Our seasonal menus include specialty burgers and unique salads, but our true focus is exotic game meats. From kangaroo to alligator, we aim to bring something exciting and delicious to every dish.

We source our meats from sustainable sources who are as committed to providing quality food as we are. The farms we work with raise their animals without hormones, steroids, or antibiotics. They feed their herds natural, vegetarian diets and set them plenty of room to roam on open pastures. These methods ensure that their animals’ meat is leaner and less fatty than traditional meats. Wild game is also packed with key nutrients like omega-3, iron, and zinc. What this means for our consumers is a high-protein, low-fat meal, complete with a multitude of added health benefits—without compromising on those rich, natural flavors that make these meats great. Our can’t-miss menu staples include elk, bison, and wild boar; or, check out our rotating weekend specials for a new favorite.

Whatever you choose, be sure to pair your meal with drinks from our full bar. We offer beer, wine, and a bevy of signature cocktails. We have also introduced a gin & tonic series! Try out our four current varietals, each crafted with spirits from North Carolina distilleries. We’ll be rolling out new additions to the G&T series as the seasons change, so be sure to check back often.